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This is Goya (104-103) (English version)

 Tuenti Móvil Estudiantes took two overtime before beating La Bruixa pD´Or Manresa. It also took a long time to realise that victories is what matters. First Guille Rubio and then Jaime Fernández ended with a game-winner layup for a wacky 104-103. It all began with sound a...
Could not Tuenti the Canari (63-75)

 One. It was the surprise day. Center Lucas Nogueira played after some time in the injury list. Coach Vidorreta starters were a blend of maltings and roughness with Colom, Miso, Rabaseda, Rubio and foo-fighter Ivanov. Last, the brand new sponsor appeared. Tuenti Móvil was presented at ...
MVP Rubio not enough (69-77)

He had promised to fight and he fought. He had been signed for taking over lost action at the paint and he did. After three awful periods Estudiantes found inspiration in "the other Rubio" and the children. Guille Rubio (28 league score) remembered the one from Manresa. The tough work fro...
Nocioni leads Laboral Kutxa against no coming-ups (79-66)

Vitoria counts on Andrés Nocioni as one of the aasets of the team for this very long -again- season. The argentinian power forward will be one of the players that shall inflate the rooster. The question was to what extend an exhausted rooster would allow a fourth defeat on a row. Laboral Ku...
We believed in utopia (78-65)

There was no possible way in logics. Asefa Estudiantes could not count on the two best scorers on the season and the assault to the Palau seemed utopic. Nevertheless we believed in it for three-quarters of the game. The tools had to be an encouraged team and the children at the court. But there appe...
Who invited Bellas to this party? (72-64)

 Txus Vidorreta started with the higher couple Gabriel – Clark (not the highest) against the local difficulties to build the paint. Herbalife Gran Canaria could not count on Rey and Nelson and the local field could be overwhelmed. The tempo from the start favoured Asefa Estudiantes: high ...
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